Industrial Automation and Robotics Show WUHAN
June. 5-8, 2018
WUHAN International Expo Center
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Group Visit

Invitation Plan of VIP Group Visit

The organizer will target different application industries to conduct more in-depth explorations and launch more excellent services, and strive to let more companies understand, pay attention to and visit the show.

Welcome all friends in the industry to register and visit!


Free Services

► Each member can receive a special badge, so you can get access to the venue directly, avoiding cumbersome registration procedures;
► Visitors from Beijing and the surrounding areas (round-trip journey within six hours) can enjoy free shuttle bus services;
►Each member can get a lunch on the show day, and a beautiful gift as well;
► Get free access to the VIP lounge for coffee and refreshments;
► Your company can get two copies of the show catalogue for your reference;
► Get free access to the qualification for participating in match-making, invite exhibitors to conduct on-site efficient and convenient negotiations.


Requirements for Delegation

1.Number of Person
If the number of group visitors is more than 10, the organizer will provide lunch for you. If the number is more than 20, the organizer will provide the free shuttle bus service.

2.Members of Delegation
Visiting business members need to come from: automotive and parts, shipbuilding, machining and manufacturing, biomedicine, optoelectronic information, textile machinery, aviation and aerospace, national defense industry, power electrician, rail transit and other industries that need to apply automation products and technologies.
3.Communication before the Show

You need to submit the detailed list of delegation to the organizer for verification and confirmation before May 18, 2018.

For more information, please contact:

Contact: Mr. Zack Jiang          Tel: 021-50456700*261     E-mail:

If your company has the intention to visit the show, please send the form back to or fax to 021-5045 9355. The organizer will have all the visitors of your company registered and send short messages and pre-registration barcode and other information via mobile phone.

The organizer assures you that all the information you submit will not be used in any way other than the show visit.




Exhibition contact

Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.
Contact:  Mr. David Zhang
     Mr. Klaus Qian
     Mr. Steven Xie
     Ms.Abby An
Tel: 021-5045 6700*259 / 282 / 280 / 556
Fax: 021-5045 9355 / 6886 2355

Delegation/Free Bus/VIP Buyer

Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Zack Jiang
Tel: 021-5045 6700*261
Fax: 021-5045 9355/6886 2355

Media Cooperation

Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.
Contact: Ms.Jean Ji
Tel: 021-5045 6700*553
Fax: 021-5045 9355/6886 2355

Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.

Contact: Mr. David Zhang / Mr. Klaus Qian /
    Mr. Steven Xie / Ms. Abby An
Tel: 021 - 5045 6700*259 / 282 / 280 / 556
Fax: 021 - 5045 9355 / 6886 2355