Industrial Automation and Robotics Show WUHAN
June. 5-8, 2018
WUHAN International Expo Center
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Product Category

Core Smart Hardware of Industrial Automation
Assembly and handling systems, linear Positioning System Industrial image treating system Control system
PLC SCADA Sensors and actuators
Industrial computers & communications Networks and field bus control system Embedded system
Measuring and testing system Industrial automation data acquisition and identification system Laser technologies
Automation services Air pressure technology and equipment  
Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies and Testing of Industrial Automation
Electrical systems and transformers Battery and UPS Servomotors and frequency converters
Drive Mechanical drive system Electrical and optical component
Industrial automation information technologies and software Micro-system technologies (MST), etc. Power and electrical testing and inspection equipment
Wire and cable accessories, electrical switching devices and equipment for electrical control systems  
Industrial Robot Ontology, Core Parts and Other Smart Equipment
Welding robots Spraying robots Palletizing robots
Handling robots Assembly robots Other industrial robots, etc.
AGV and technologies Drive systems RV speed reducers Harmonic reducers
Precision reducers Controllers Servomotors
Stepper motors Fixtures Handles
Cylinders and hydraulic cylinders, etc. Vision systems Linear motion (LM) rail equipment
Ball splines Ball screws, connecting rods and other mechanical components  
Overall Intelligent Manufacturing Solution
Overall intelligent manufacturing solution based on Industry 4.0 Robot workstations Robot intelligent production lines
Overall solution based on integrated solutions for applied industries (e.g. automotive assembly, automotive part manufacturing, welding, 3C, machine tools, household appliances, package, pharmaceuticals, food and logistics, etc.)


Exhibition contact

Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.
Contact:  Mr. David Zhang
     Mr. Klaus Qian
     Mr. Steven Xie
     Ms.Abby An
Tel: 021-5045 6700*259 / 282 / 280 / 556
Fax: 021-5045 9355 / 6886 2355

Delegation/Free Bus/VIP Buyer

Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Zack Jiang
Tel: 021-5045 6700*261
Fax: 021-5045 9355/6886 2355

Media Cooperation

Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.
Contact: Ms.Jean Ji
Tel: 021-5045 6700*553
Fax: 021-5045 9355/6886 2355

Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.

Contact: Mr. David Zhang / Mr. Klaus Qian /
    Mr. Steven Xie / Ms. Abby An
Tel: 021 - 5045 6700*259 / 282 / 280 / 556
Fax: 021 - 5045 9355 / 6886 2355