Industrial Automation and Robotics Show WUHAN
June. 5-8, 2018
WUHAN International Expo Center
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Why to participate

Ten Reasons to Participate IARS Wuhan
The same crew of IAS and RS of CIIF stage the first IARS show in Central China
Focus on smart manufacturing and march towards the Central China market
Government leaders and industrial experts present and release breaking news
Release competitive solutions for new products and smart manufacturing
Showcase nearly 1,000 innovative products and technologies of industrial automation
and robotics
Provide a wide range of cooperation opportunities with the participation of over 50% international leading enterprises
International exhibitors make their first debuts in Central and Western China
Invite over 60% of high-quality visitors with decision-making capabilities to visit the show
Concurrently organize high-end industrial forums to explore intelligent equipment upgrading in Central and Western China
Global media make a full range of media coverage lively


Geographic and Industrial Advantages

Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province, is a core city in Central China. It is also an important national base of industry, science & technology and education, and a major transportation hub. With over 40 international non-stop flights, Wuhan is the only city in Central China with direct flights to four continents of the entire world.

As a significant national base of industry, Wuhan boasts its complete array of industries, including iron and steel, automotive, photoelectron, chemicals, metallurgy, ship-building, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. In 2015, Wuhan realized an industrial added value of RMB 408.191 billion, up by 8.4%. Five out of its 11 industrial categories achieved an output of over RMB 100 billion, including automotive and parts, electronic information manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, food & tobacco, and energy and environmental protection.


Policy Advantages of Wuhan’s Industry and Manufacturing

With the strategic implementation of the rise of the central region and the construction of a resource-conserving, environmentally friendly society, Wuhan adheres to the development theme and takes structural restructuring as its major task, with an emphasis on industrial development, comprehensively pushing forward the renovation of old industrial bases, expediting the development of advanced manufacturing industries, upgrading traditional industries, speeding up the development of high-tech industries and building a featured industrial cluster. A modern industrial layout adapting to functions of center cities has initially taken shape in Wuhan.

Since 2011, Wuhan has implemented the “Industry Multiplying” Scheme, to actively adjust economic structure with the focus on long-term planning, strengthen the implementation of major industrial projects and promote the development of industrial clusters. So far, Wuhan has formed six industrial sectors exceeding RMB 100 billion, including iron and steel, automotive, electronic information manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, energy and environmental protection, and food & tobacco.

Wuhan pushes ahead the construction of “three bases and one hub” based on “Wuhan Urban Agglomeration”, (i.e. the construction of an important national food production base, an energy and raw material base, a modern equipment manufacturing and high-tech industrial base and an integrated transportation hub). In particular, efforts will be made to speed up the construction of an integrated transportation network in the central region, in addition to the construction of the Yangtze Economic Belt and the Silk Road Economic Belt.

In the second half of 2016, the Outline on Developing the Yangtze Economic Belt was officially issued. The Outline proposes several major tasks, specifically including protecting and restoring the ecological environment in the Yangtze River, constructing a high-level integrated multidimensional transportation corridor, revolutionizing and driving industrial transformation and new-type urbanization, and building a new layout of opening up, featured by two-way linkage between east and west and the coordination between sea and land.


Advantages of Pillar Manufacturing Industries

1) Automotive and Parts: The automotive industry has remained as the principal pillar of Wuhan economy for seven consecutive years, with a value exceeding RMB 100 billion. In 2015, Wuhan produced 1.4263 million vehicles, with a YoY growth of 26.8%, higher than the average growth of national passenger vehicles at 16.5%. The cumulative output value of Wuhan’s automotive industry totaled RMB 261.446 billion, up 22.3% YoY. Wuhan is known as an automotive industry cluster, where five automakers function as a powerful magnet for the investment from a batch of automotive part manufacturers, many of which are Fortune Global 500 and China 500 enterprises, including Getrag, Delphi Automotive, Valeo, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Honeywell, Visteon and Wanxiang Group.

2) Iron and Steel Industry: Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation is a pillar for Wuhan’s iron and steel industry. With the policy implementation of “restructuring through total quantity control”, Wuhan’s iron and steel industry will further exert its advantages as an important part of national layout, develop into a high-quality manufacturing base and consolidate its pillar industry role in Wuhan.

3) Optoelectronics Industry: The optoelectronic communication industry is an emerging high-tech industry worldwide. The development of the industry will create new demands with new supplies, while fostering new supplies by new demands, driving a new round of economic growth.


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